The SERVE story

You know those crazy 'back of the napkin' conversations you have after a few beers? You invent something a bit off-the-wall. Something no one has ever experienced before.

Something so fun and cool you know people are gonna love it. It really feels you're onto something. But then the morning comes; you sober up, go back to your day job and quit your impulsive dreaming.

Well, we didn't quit. Because we realised 3 million ping-pong players can't be wrong. So the Founders ran with it: their idea to 'do hospitality better' and got to work developing SERVE in the biting winter of 2016 – the first fun-driven ping pong entertainment, hospitality and night club that paddles the fun night and day.

We believe in simple fun. And SERVE brings it to the table. The ping-pong table. Ping-pong is all about having fun. With friends, family, lovers, sisters, brothers, whoever, wherever, you pick up a paddle and play. Balls to the digital age of overwhelming information overload. Find out more about SERVE ping-pong and get back to basic, authentic fun.

This summer, we'll be opening our flagship SERVE in Birmingham, England. And from there, we aim to deliver the most contemporary, cool ping-pong experience globally. We've already got some epic goals and are currently securing space for more ping-pong venues.

It's just the beginning. Join us on our epic adventure to bring ping-pong to the masses and strike the balance of simple, social fun.

Explore the site. Get stuck in. Find out more about SERVE ping-pong. We've got you covered on everything – from teaching you how to play to answering all your burning FAQs.

We are passionate about ping-pong. We are laid-back. We are playful. We are SERVE. 

Game On. How to Play

It's a simple game for all ages, so get the advantage on your mates. Have a read so you are ready to hustle.

Your Burning FAQ's

From where to park to food allergies, we have you covered. Get the low down before you visit so you know what to expect if you have some special requests.