Event Host & Promo Assistant

SERVE Birmingham

Job Type: Part-time
Salary: £9.00 to £12.00 /hour (depending on experience)

SERVE has been developing its first flagship in Birmingham City Centre, also as its headquarters.

To create our brilliant service team to ensure UNBEATABLE customer service is provided. To ensure great food from our own talented kitchen, cocktails from our creative bartenders, fab night entertainments from popular DJs/ singers and of course ping pong.

Yep, it's ping pong! we've created an amazing space worthy of the glorious game. Get paddles up and feel the power! Night or day, let's play! Welcome to all groups, individuals, corporate or private party!

We are looking for the team with passions with fantastic personality. If you have some multi skills such as facial painting, entertainer etc, we will love you more.

The attention to detail is what will differentiate one night from another. It is this attention to detail that can make such a difference at SERVE

Event host & promo assistant is in smart dressed to impress and who can welcome your guests, show them to their seats with a smile and provide engaging conversation, can make such a difference. First impressions last and make that first impression very special.

Key responsibilities:

Event host create a warm and inviting atmosphere for guests and event attendees.

Host work at a wide variety of venues and social functions, including corporate events, restaurants, receptions, promotion etc.

They greet and direct guests upon arrival, provide them with information they need and answer other questions as best they can.

Other host responsibilities can include acting as a spokeswoman or emcee for the event, coordinating with organizers, other team members or featured guests - and mingling among the crowd to make sure the event is on track and people are enjoying themselves.

What skills do I need?

concentrate on making guests, attendees and participants feel as welcome and comfortable as possible. A guest's first and last impression of an event will often be his interaction with the host. Host must have confidence, a friendly attitude that helps them relate to all types of people and the ability to speak knowledgeably about the event they are hosting.

What qualifications do I need?

Arguably, you don't need any. You could, for instance, train on the job or join a company with training programmes as an attentive host. Hosting is best suited to the person who are comfortable with and can easily relate to people of all backgrounds.

Event Hosts spend most of their time entertaining people--or making sure that they are entertained and enjoying the event. Although they may appear at times to be guests--such as when they are conversing with people--hosts are at the event or venue to work and to make sure others enjoy themselves. They must remain polished and poised and never behave as though they are guests themselves. This means always being polite, never dominating or interrupting conversations and, of course, never drinking to excess if alcohol is served at the event or venue

Be ready?

Event host often work long, irregular hours, including late nights and weekends. The work is fast-paced and physically demanding--they're on their feet almost constantly and frequently hurrying back and forth. Of course, if you work 6 hours or more on the day, you are titled to have a 30 min break

We are the fast rapid growing company and opening the second venue in Nottingham. 3 more are on the way next year! Be part of our passionate team to create our ping pong palace together!

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