Telesales Co-ordinator

SERVE Birmingham

Job Type: Full Time
Salary: Competitive - Available on request
Responsible To: Head of Sales & Marketing

SERVE has been developing its first flagship in Birmingham City Centre, also as its headquarters.

Our Story

Our story begins in the Winter of 2016 with a "back of a napkin" conversation in New York City. By deciding that we could "do hospitality better", we set off on developing SERVE. SERVE's focus is to provide outstanding Food and Beverage, Entertainment, Hospitality, Service, and Night Club experiences to all of its guests.

SERVE fuels FUN and "Night and Day, Let's Play!" is the essence of our concept.

Our Ethos & Mission

In the Spring of 2018, SERVE opened its flagship Table Tennis location in Birmingham, England. From that moment forward, we will be focused on continuing the growth of the hospitality driven SERVE "culture". Table Tennis connects everyone! And everyone seems to have a table tennis story to tell.... from "placing a table in the back garden" to "playing a pick-up game with friends"; we all love and enjoy the game! It doesn't matter how old you are, what gender you are, or what background you are..... It's all about having fun!

With our focus of quickly developing SERVE into a global hospitality brand; we have two more units scheduled to come online in 2018 and several more after that.

Our story is just beginning. Night and Day, let's play. We are SERVE!
The balls in your court, here's where you come in....

Your Purpose

Generate sales and market products and services by phone, make outgoing sales calls, research local companies & build database of new clients to call out to. Answer incoming sales calls, maintain thorough understanding of products and services, make sales appointments for sales team and meet sales & call targets.

Your Key Responsibilities

Business Focus

  • Research local businesses and sourcing contacts and numbers to call.
  • Makes outgoing customer calls or cold calls, in order to sell products and services and generate business/bookings
  • Meet daily call targets, appointment targets & any other targets set by Head of Sales
  • Answers questions about product packages, venue, F&B and pricing
  • Upsells customers to more extensive packages, or higher priced services
  • Explains product pricing and negotiates bulk or package pricing with approval from Head of Sales
  • Accurately and efficiently enters customer information into company databases for mailing and billing purposes. Collects all possible client data and maintains updated information
  • Processes credit card payments and troubleshoots any issues that may arise
  • Maintains a list of potential leads and follows up with those customers by making subsequent sales pitches
  • Assists sales team with arranging meetings and appointments and sales calls with customers
  • Completing all necessary administration pertinent to the telesales role
  • Completing weekly sales/revenue & pipeline reports
  • Maintains working knowledge of products and services sold and keeps current on industry developments by reading current news or attending workshops/networking events
  • Completes all daily, weekly, and monthly reports as outlined in the corporate & sales policies and procedures on a timely basis.
  • Present a friendly, pleasant, and courteous demeanour at all times.
  • Consistently be a champion of SERVE both inside and outside of the unit.
  • Answer all queries in a timely, positive, and knowledgeable manner, providing accurate and efficient information.
  • Promote teamwork and group efficiency.
  • Exemplify the SERVE philosophy and consistently display knowledge of our unique business model.

Learning and Growth

  • To actively participate in personal and professional development opportunities.
  • To continually seek, to improve performance, skills and knowledge, staying up to date with legislation, managerial skills and new business/sales trends.

Financial Management

  • To ensure that all Serve processes and procedures relating to financial activities, and record keeping, including timely and accurate reporting of financial information, are completed where appropriate.

Statutory Responsibilities

  • To ensure you take reasonable care of your own and other people's health and safety whilst at work.
  • To ensure you attend and follow training provided by the organisation, to maintain good health and safety standards, and are familiar with relevant policies and procedures.
  • To ensure you report accidents, incidents and unsafe practices to the appropriate person.
  • To be fully aware of all agreed emergency procedures, and be prepared to take a lead role in any emergencies.
  • To ensure you recognise their personal responsibility in safeguarding children and vulnerable people using the facilities, and that they recognise and respond appropriately, following the Company's procedures in the event of any individual being abused, suspected of being abused, at risk of or having been abused.
  • To liaise with and report to the Sales Manager, matters of potential concern pertaining to the organisation.
  • Be aware of responsibilities, and adhere to legislation in relation to licensing, food hygiene, data protection, health and safety at work and COSHH.

Equal Opportunities

Serve is committed to anti-discriminatory policies and practices, and it is essential that the post holder is willing to make a positive contribution to their promotion and implementation.

Serve is an equal opportunities employer. All relevantly qualified and experienced applicants meeting our minimum criteria, will receive consideration for employment without regard to age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, marriage and civil partnership, and pregnancy and maternity.


The post holder is required to observe strict and complete confidentiality, regarding information obtained during the course of their duties

Scope of Job Description

This job description reflects the immediate requirements and responsibilities of the post. It is not an exhaustive list of the duties, but provides an indication of the work undertaken, which may vary in detail in the light of changing demands and priorities. Substantial changes can be carried out in
consultation with the post holder.


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