SERve daily

Do something different today,
pick up a paddle and play ping-pong!

Experience the best ping-pong atmosphere out there @SERVEBrum

Ping Pong from £5 per person only!

Serving up classic ping-pong with some delicious food and drink to fuel the adrenaline. 

'After Work Social' and 'SERVR The Weekend' include all you need:

After Work Social

Connect with your friends or colleagues under a ping pong table after work

Tue to Thu between 5pm – 7pm


1 hour ping pong table
A pizza*
A drink*

 £12 per person (incl. VAT)


SERVE The Weekend

Escape to our cool place to get some special treat at the weekend

Friday & Saturday between 5pm – 9pm


2 hours ping pong table
A burger or pizza *
A side order*
A drink*

 £22 per person (incl. VAT)


Do something different today. Experience SERVE.