Play By day – Entertain the kids, Inspire the colleagues

Do something different today. Pick up a paddle and play ping-pong! Experience the best ping-pong atmosphere out there at SERVE.

Book a children's birthday party, fun team-building activity or gather the table tennis team to check out our new venue.

Swap a boring bowling visit for a thrash-out on our ping-pong tables. It's exhilarating, unique and irresistibly fun!

In the day, we play. Serving up classic ping-pong with a side of contemporary fun and a menu of delicious food and drink to fuel the adrenaline.

Kids parties, well anyone can hire a bouncy castle. But isn't it all a bit predictable? Aren't your kids bored of the same old routines? Plus it's not as easy if adults want to join in rather than sitting on the side-lines! At SERVE for children's birthday parties, we deliver something a little different. A simple pastime with a modern, irresistibly fun twist. And not a tablet or Smartphone in sight. Unless of course, you want to capture your kids birthday party and all the ping-pong madness! Once they start, they won't be able to stop. And once your kids learn how to play ping-pong, they'll be hard-pressed to put the paddle down. SERVE can help you shape and host the best parties, you'll be the talk of the classroom and the coolest among the kids! What you waiting for? Let us take the pressure off!

So what's up next? We all hate work no play right? It's safe to say we all need a bit of down time and escapism. Everyone needs a break from the norm too. Let's face it; the pressures of life are pretty testing. At SERVE, we offer that escape – a chilled space to destress, unwind and just focus on fun, food and drink. Why complicate things? Our fun team building activities connect colleagues and build moral plus encourage healthy competition. When's the last time you challenged the MD or had a bit of banter with the CEO? Our fun team building activities break down the barriers between work and play and give everyone the opportunity to enjoy themselves in a fun, relaxed environment. Thrash out your 9-5 frustrations and focus on low-key ping-pong fun!

Oh and let's not forget the professionals out there! Yes we cater for you too! If you belong to a table tennis club and are looking for a change of scenery, well how about a contemporary ping-pong venue? Gather the ping-pong team and get down to SERVE. We welcome ping-pong enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you're a beginner ping-pong player and want to learn how to play or need a change of atmosphere to inspire your team to up their game, SERVE delivers on this too.   

Do something different today. Experience SERVE.


Paddle Up!

What are you waiting for? Book your table now, so you know you're ready to go when you arrive.

You'll just need to get your game face on!


Bust A Groove

Want to strut your stuff to the best beats in town, or challenge your mates and colleagues to a night or day to remember?

Go on, you know you want to!

Keeping It Private

What happens in the RESERVE stays in the RESERVE...

The best memories start here!


Eat, Drink And
Be Extraordindary

Well what can we say, not only do we offer cocktails to die for but the food is just awesome, you better leave room for a dessert.

Work it off at the tables, bring it on!