Privacy Policy

The Why-

SERVE's number one commitment is to respect and protect every customer's Personal Data. "The What" outlines what we do with your Personal Data once it's provided to us and so on down the page.

Please make sure that you read our commitment carefully to ensure your understanding of our Data Security process ("The Security") and of what we do with your Personal Data once we collect it (The Use, The Marketing, The Storage, The Sharing). 

Under the Data Protection Act 1998 (the "Act"), we are registered as Serve Leisure, LLC.

The What-

When you log on to the SERVE Website, our Server records an anonymous profile covering where you visited us from (which website), the date, the length of your visit, what pages you've looked at, and in what order.  Just so you know, this part of the process does not identify you specifically. However, when you volunteer to submit your information to us through the SERVE Website, we do store your Personal Identifiable Data.  This typically happens when you fill out an Enquiry Form, a Guest List request, a Newsletter request, purchase something through the SERVE online Retail Outlet, and other things like that.  Now this Personal Data is any information that identifies you as you.  It includes your First and Last Name, your Email Address, Telephone Number, Company Name, and any of your Payment Details.  It's also possible that from time to time, we may ask you about your Interests, Preferences, Age, Gender, Income, and other Miscellaneous Items.

The Cookies-

SERVE, along with a few other third-party service providers, may send your computer "Cookies".  These Cookies are used to assist in enhancing your online user experience. Cookies are basically coded files that help classify you as a specific unique user.  They store your personal preferences and that allows us (SERVE) to see which of our website pages you visit, for how long, and in what order. It's then possible for SERVE to use this information to enhance your SERVE experience.  Cookies enable us to help personalize your visit to the SERVE website, to see what's happening with our website traffic, and hopefully to assist us in identifying SERVEs user trends, patterns and selections of authorized downloads.   Cookies can also assist us with some of the other "technical items" connected with your use of the SERVE website.

Depending on your computers settings; Cookies can be temporary and cleared once you close your Browser, however, Cookies can also be permanent and will remain on your computer until you delete them. Please review your personal settings to ensure that you have yours set to your preference.   

SERVE may also use something called "Web Beacons".  Web Beacons assist us in monitoring your use of our sites. Web Beacons are basically small strings of code that provide SERVE a method for delivering a graphic image on a web page.  A few examples of Web Beacons are the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the computer that downloaded the page on which the Web Beacon appears, the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of the page on which the Web Beacon appears, the time of day that the page containing the Web Beacon was viewed, and the type of Browser that fetched the Web Beacon along with the identification number (ID#) of any Cookie on the computer previously placed by that Server.

When SERVE corresponds with you via HTML capable e-mail, the Web Beacon lets us know whether or not you received and opened the email. Cookies or Web Beacons do not contain or reveal any Personal Data. However, if you choose to provide us with your Personal Data, it can be linked to the anonymous data stored in the Cookies and/or Web Beacons. Typically, most Browsers are initially set to accept Cookies. When you visit Websites from those Browsers, you are notified that Cookies are being used. However, if you prefer, you may adjust your Browser to reject Cookies from SERVE. Additionally, if you choose to set your Browser to display HTML emails as "text only", you may be able to prevent the use of some Web Beacons.  Please note that some areas of the SERVE Website can only be accessed in conjunction with Cookies, Web Beacons, or similar tools. 

The Use- 

At SERVE, the reason we collect your personal data is assist us in the following:

-To provide you a better User Experience on our Website.

-To send you content that may be of interest to you through SERVEs Newsletters, Emails, and other means.

-To successfully carry out SERVE's Promotional Activities and Marketing Campaigns based on actual Customer needs and wants.

-To improve the Customer Service Experience of the booking process through effectively managing our Reservations, Queries, and Sales Enquiries.

- To pursue Private Party, Catering, Sales, and Events Leads.

- To understand and appreciate our repeat Customers by provide outstanding on-site Customer Service.

The Marketing-

If SERVE voluntarily does receive your data, here's what we may do with it:

- We may send you some Email.  In these emails we'll tell you about fun new Products we're excited about, Events that you may be interested in attending, and New Venue openings as we continue to grow the SERVE Leisure Lifestyle Brand.

- We may ask you about your Customer Service Experiences.  This will assist SERVE with its Customer Relationship Management in both Sales and Marketing and will allow us to provide better Customer Service throughout the booking process.

The Security-     

100% security is not always possible on the Internet, however at SERVE, we are committed to protecting your Personal Data.  To that end, SERVE has put in place specific technical and organizational security measures. These measures are focused on preventing accidental or intentional manipulation, loss, misuse, destruction or the unauthorized disclosure or access to the information we collect online.

SERVE is constantly evolving its technology and while we cannot always guarantee the security of your Personal Data, SERVE's goal is to continually improve its Personal Data Security while remaining in line with the everchanging governmental requirements.

The Storage-       

At SERVE, we store all your Personal Data locally. Eventually, there may be a time when we will transfer your Personal Data to a central database system.  This system will be located in the United Kingdom.  Your Personal Data will not be stored for any longer than is necessary as described in this Privacy Policy.

The Sharing-

SERVE may share your Personal Data between all our SERVE Entities to assist in the operation of the organization. By using the SERVE Website and submitting your Personal Data, you agree that anyone working within the SERVE organization can access your stored Personal Data and use that data for the purposes as outlined in this Privacy Policy.

Your Personal Data may also be shared with third parties who are service providers for SERVE.  SERVE may provide anonymous or aggregate data to Advertisers and Business Partners to assist in its understanding its Customer Dynamics, Trends, and Patterns. As SERVE continues to grow, we may also share your Personal Data with potential new Partners, Sponsors, and Brands. 

SERVE will not sell your Personal Data to any third parties.

The Links-

The SERVE website may have links on it that direct you to a third-party website.  Those websites will have their own Privacy Policies that will be different from SERVE's. SERVE cannot be responsible for any Personal Data that is collected from those third-party websites.

The Transfer-             

Your Personal Data will be stored and processed in the United Kingdom. However, as SERVE Leisure strives to become a global hospitality brand, it may be necessary for us to move your Personal Data to a company not based in the United Kingdom.  Personal Data Protection and Personal Data Protection Laws may vary in other countries outside of the European Economic Area, However, SERVE will always take every reasonable measure to protect your privacy.

The Investigation-

If at any time you are interested in reviewing what Personal Data SERVE currently has on file for you, please email your request to any of our venues through the "Contact Us" section.  Once received, we will share with you the Personal Data that we have collected through the SERVE Website that relates to you.  If desired, you can also cancel or update your Personal Data at this time.

The Changes-      

There may be occasions when SERVE will need to update or change this Privacy Policy to reflect different or new Company Initiatives, changes in the Law, changes in Technology, or changes in our Practices regarding the collection and use of your Personal Data.  Should that happen, SERVE will update this page.  The changes will be noted at the top of the page, dated, and highlighted in bold.

SERVE will not use and/or disclose your Personal Data outside of what is outlined in our Privacy Policy without informing you and providing you an opportunity to either consent or decline. 

The Contact-

If you have any questions or comments regarding this Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us through either of the following methods:

1) EMAIL US:  On any of our "contact us" forms on any of our Venue Websites.

2) WRITE US: Unit 5, 55A Temple Row, Birmingham, B2 5LE

If any parts of this Privacy Policy is judged to be illegal, void, or unenforceable due to applicable law [or by order of a court of competent jurisdiction] it shall be deemed deleted and the continuation in full force and effect of the remainder of the provisions will not be prejudiced unless a court of competent jurisdiction determines that the substantive purpose of this privacy policy is then frustrated, in which case you may contact SERVE at the above address in order to opt-out of the privacy policy.