We make parents cool

  • learn how to dj
  • fun games
  • great food
  • mocktails
  • goodie bags

Kids these days are a pretty tough crowd. Thanks to the digital age, they've seen it all, done it all and got the t-shirt online. But how many of them have tried their hand at ping-pong? We're guessing not many!

Kids are curious. They love doing new things. So give 'em a bat and set them free to play. It's an easy activity to pick up and will keep them entertained for hours. Our children's birthday party events can be tailored to suit every style from personalised ping-pong goodie bags to custom ping-pong apparel. And nothing says cool to kids like something to take home with their name stamped all over it. They'll be the coolest kid in school!

At our children's birthday party events, the kids call the shots. We'll happily teach them the ping-pong basics and show them how it's meant to be done, but we also let them freestyle and enjoy the fluidity of the game. After all, a children's birthday party isn't supposed to be about rigid rules and restrictions! Whatever makes them smile, we'll gladly accommodate. We can also teach some budding DJ's of tomorrow some moves on the decks and they can show us their moves on the dancefloor too!

We keep them moving, keep them laughing, and give them an experience that'll really stand out in their young minds. Let's not forget the food and drink too. Because we all know how demanding kids can be when it comes to what they will and won't eat! From snack size party bites & themed cakes, to kid-friendly mocktails, there'll be satisfied little mouths all round. They're happy, you're happy, we're happy. It's a win win win.  Oh and big kids can join in the fun too, if they'll let you join in the ping pong SERVE fun!  

Treat them to a birthday party that's a HIT. Experience SERVE.

We look forward to welcoming you to the BallRoom!