Fun Team Building - from boardroom table to ping pong table

Work Together, Play Together

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  • A Work Treat
  • Ice Breakers
  • Escaping The Office
  • Thrashing The Boss

Nothing boosts productivity like getting those creative & fun endorphins going. Take your team out of the office and introduce them to a new kind of target setting at SERVE.

Because let's face it, we've all done dinners out, bowling and generic cinema trips. Our fun team-building activities break down the barriers between departments and helps employees connect in a social, pressure-free environment. Laughter brings us all together.

All employees need a break from the norm. Somewhere to really unwind and let off steam from the 9-5. Somewhere they can relax and stop watching the clock and chasing client leads. At SERVE, we deliver that escape.

When's the last time you had a laugh with the MD or challenged the CEO in a fun environment? Exactly. At SERVE, our fun team-building activities are all about the banter and bats. Pick up a paddle and lay down some unlicensed ping-pong fun without a timesheet or invoice in sight.

Ping-pong reduces stress, builds healthy competition and helps with focus, three things we can employ while back at our desks. But if you do want to get your head down, our workshop and training facilities enable that too. We've room for 50-80 employees to watch presentations, hear talks and interact in a fun environment that inspires creativity beyond the standard office setup.

So whether you hold a fun team-building activity just the once or make it a monthly treat, show off to your clients or hold your end-of-year Christmas party at our ping-pong party house, everyone will enjoy the work hard, player harder vision of SERVE. That's one way to retain staff whatever your industry!

Challenge your colleagues to become King Of The Court. Experience SERVE.

We look forward to welcoming you to the BallRoom!